i am from San Bernardino



"I am from"I am from San BernardinoI have seen and yet been through a lotI have witnessed people and their struggles  I am from not the best place People judge because of where I live Everyone looks and stares yet they don't know the struggle  I am from somewhere different People's opinions yet still matterI'm thankful for those who understand and give their help I am from where others wouldn't want to be fromI will soon be out of this darkness and shinning brighter than everTrying to fit in like a fish out of water I am from where you appreciate what you haveOthers take for granted what they haveAnd yet others wish they were in there shoes  I am from where education is your only escapeWhere you can actually matter becoming someone with higher educationSucceeding in life and reaching your goals means everything I am from a place where I am just a peaceWhere people are thankful what they haveAnd not looking at what they don't have I am from where people have diedThat when you hear gun shots or yelling its just a regular dayWhere when your thankful for feeling safe at home I am from a place you wouldn't want to be fromFamily and school are your number one prioritiesWhen even when things are tough you can still count on family  I am from where you must be connected to your familyWhere you feel loved inside even though outside is all violenceThat you can see hate on the outside yet feel loved on the insideI am from San Bernardino 


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