I Am From Reocurring Dreams

                                                 I Am From Reoccurring Dreams

                                                *format inpired by Maya Angelou*

I am from the rose garden that bloomed strong southern bells & boyish west coast workers.             I am from the appreciation of fashion and the importance of the championship game. I am from the mentality of maintain street smarts, while simultaneously appreciating the world God created.

I am from the independent legacy of what a woman should be and how a man should act.               I am from the shores of Laguna Beach, and the sidewalks of Compton, California. I am from, provide for yourself before anyone wants to, and to lean not on my own understanding 

 I am from “stand up for yourself” and “jealousy is love and hate at the same time”.                            I am from the wisdom of not letting an opportunity pass me by because I was more fearful rather than fearless. I am from the bigger the dream the harder the work.

I am from the school house and the church house.                                                                               I am from the process of depression being a wasted emotion that should be spent on self-content.  I am from underestimation, and allowing the success to speak for itself.

I am from African and Native American cultural ancestry, and finding delight in your origin and complexion.  I am from lovers of the desired, and passion from the broken hearted.  I am from performing arts high school colorful hallways, Saturday night rehearsals, and giving your best until curtain call music plays.

I am from stepping into another character shoes, which in a reverse affect you discover YOU.         I am from the bigger the dream, the harder the climb, the better the view. I am from the view can be the theater, the view can be the beach, or the view can be 3 AM English essays until you sleep.

I am from organic beauty in which I should never disrespect values I should not neglect, and be smart but look the bomb. Life is full of trials and tribulations, but what makes it easier, is remembering where I am from.

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