I am Ready (spoken word performance)


I am Ready

Ready to move past this depression

Ready to speak and not just recite my confessions

Ready to deliver myself from myself

This ain't vanity because I don't rhyme for my own health

Intellectually I'm built like a navy seal moving with stealth

and my poetic capacity is symbolic of my wealth

The wealth dictated by tears spent, back bent

Paid rent, years lent to the system,

The system that systematically deprives us,

divides us, attempts to bride us, then lies to us,

about the wealth them motherfucker CEOs earn off of us


So call me Ms. poetically wealthy, prefix to my name intellectually stealthy

and if you don't know nothing about me, best believe I'm about to fill you in

my distant kin, because I am ready.


I am ready

Ready to wake up with righteousness in my heart

Tired of not having loved myself enough from the start

Tired of having no one to lean on when things fall apart

Tired of being the Bull's eye when them niggaz get to throwing the darts

Your see I've lived my life in the dark, and now that I've found my spark

I'm about to set this place on fire

because I'm something like the Urban Joan of Arc

Tired of waiting on Superman so I'm about to be cast for the part

And if your asking best believe the answer is yes

So when do I start?


See maybe if we asked for wonder women

she would've been been here

would've droppped the kids off with time to spear

would've said hi to Tamika, Gurl its good to see yeah

But I need to get to fixing my hair


But we couldn't get passed her prior occupation

even though she was two degrees away from saving this great nation

 paid off her Columbia tuition while being a single mother

See society can't handle a strong black women with a man's sense of ambition

And we are still on the bench trying to write up a petition

Because someone still needs to complete this mess of a mission

we are so stupid that were still waiting on superman

even though a million other woman's are raising their hands

so here I stand, and I am ready


I am Ready, ready to hold steady

On to the purpose that God has bestowed upon me

I fight injustice through truth and wisdom

No uniform required when your a soldier of God's Kingdom

I cant believe that there was a point in time

That I was willing to sell my soul for nickels and dimes

But now I don't need a Louie V to show the world that I am somebody

My social status lives within my testimony,


And now that I've shared story with you, Know that I am ready. 



This is amazing, I love it. You are beyond talented!!

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