I Am Poetry


Poetry is within me

Poetry glides off the back of my skin

Poetry is in my eyes

Look within and baby you’ll be hypnotized

Don’t stare too long you might just find yourself fading in

Each step I take I leave behind a path of poetry

When I touch another I'll give some of my poetry to you my friend

My ears reinforce to the find the words within to make it come out and spit like this to you

To make you understand what I am

Poetry is my complexion

The scars I have

The imperfections on my face, my chest, my back….

All over my skin is poetry

I smell poetry

I taste poetry

I hear poetry

I feel poetry

Poetry itself slithers in my veins

It IS my blood

My hearts pumps it

While my brain


When my mouth opens just know poetry will flow out

Poetry is within me

Poetry is me

I am poetry  

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