I am Poetry

I am poetry 

My words fly with the birds and the bees 

My definition of poetry is being free 

My poetry is deeper than the ocean with explosive emotions 

It can be more violent than the push and pull of waves

Or smoother than a breeze on a hot summer day 


I can express how I am feeling in so many ways 

Like I can say I am feeling like I'm on an escalator reaching my dreams 

& shock the world with my words like a defibillator

to make people wake up and breathe 

I inhale success and exhale peace 

Because  that is in my nature like trees,

Poetry allows people to look deep inside of me  


Poetry puts everything that's going on in the world into perspective for me 

Like I can put hate, evil, & deceit into a box  and make sure that its locked 

So it won't ever come out, I mean that's not what I'm about 

Plus since I've chosen the less traveled route,

I'm going to be tested throughout my life, no doubt  


I'm about peace love and prosperity 

Helping others with my actions and my words 

Willing to grow like plants, I have to raise my thinking from the dirt

And question every single thing on this Earth 

Because not everything is what it seems to be 

Poerty help keeps my thoughts clean and me as free as the breeze  


















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Our world
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