I Am A Poet

The mountain of my forever keeps piling up
The tired lines of sweetheart I’m sorry has expired
And the love I have for you still lives?
Something’s wrong, no this can’t be right
I thought I left you on the sidewalk of yesterday
I am a poet
whose ran out of room for your long stories and Tran descending words
And for the 1st time my eyes sparkled
Like the sight of diamonds glaring into the sun
My lips, silent from being mute
No longer
Will I stand on the sideline and hold my heart
What’s been stepped on by remorseless shoes
My hair hangs low
because the wind appreciates it
And the edges of my ankles cause me to stand
Stand up for what I’ve lost
Time can’t wind back what I’ve lost
And all the poems I’ve written with rash hands and brittle bones
Painted nails like rubies, sapphires, and marigolds
Glitter at the moon light and burned evanescence
The edge of my cheeks stained by tears
And scarred ribs from you clawing out my heart
I’ve painted a vital image from my heart for you
Like some artist looking for a cheap thrill
So is it wrong to call you mine since I painted you?
And captured your brown skin like pain in a bottle
I am a poet
And these lines I write with fluorescent ink
Mean nothing to the rhythm of your heart
Our hearts don’t match the same beat
The metronome is broken
So the music between us stopped playing
And pretty soon you start singing a new song
I am a poet
Not some distant memory you forgot 2 seconds ago
And when you walk away I hope karma trails behind you
Because you leave a stench of love is a game on your garments
And every time you hugged me I never realized it smelled so loudly
Loud enough to know that you don’t know me
I am a poet


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