I am Poem


United States
35° 54' 17.9388" N, 78° 42' 31.788" W

I am proud and I am tall.
I wonder about my future.
I hear Jesus calling me, to do great things.
I see myself as a CEO of my Computer Business.
I want people to know who I am when I walk down the hall.
I am proud and I am tall.

I pretend to be tall as Mount Everest.
I feel the ground shaking when I walk.
I can touch the sky.
I cry when I fall.
I don't worry about people laughing.
I am proud and I am tall.

I understand I won't live forever.
I say do your best.
I dream of passing all my test.
I try, and try to do my best.
I hope to own my on mansion and mall.
I am proud and I am tall


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