I am a person; I am me

Thu, 06/26/2014 - 01:54 -- Myreli

People have mistaken my gender for who knows how long. Ever since i started exploring myself it has gotten better with friends but worse with my family. It's hard to explain to a family with sex roles, Like Boys are suppose to be boys and grow up to be men and girls to be girls and grow up to become a woman.


But it had to be the youngest of two familys to screw things up, me. I guess you can say i'm the little black lamb in the entire hoard of my familys white lambs.


I like to be amongst Friends and family, It means a lot to me. I try my hardest to show I'm there for people by offering loyalty. I tend to have different personalities. I can be very outgoing, funny and boisterous one minute then turn around and become antisocial, moody and shy. I am me.

I don't play when it comes to my loved ones; they are my treasure. i become very attached and will often worry. I don't play for what i aspire to do.


I cover up my feelings a lot because i really hate being a burden or be a burden.But my actions tend to give me up, i can't deny the fact i'm hurting. I wish my family would stop thinking i'm in need of special attention. The kind of attention i really want are hugs, kisses and genuine affection. I care about love. I'm fragile and require a lot of tender loving care. Money is a nice touch for me, but at the depts of my heart, i long for something special and irreplacable. I want someone to light my fire. I like a wow factor, without it love is a very little interest.


I'm good at being a shoulder to cry on or lean on; i tend to listen well and good sound advice.I'm good at coming up with creative ideas; most will have a ton of things i'd like to do. I'm great at showing my generosity; i guess you can say i have a heart of gold. and i'm good at making friends wherever i go. I am me.


I guess you can say i'm a great talker. Attractive,maybe. Passionate, definatly. Laid back, usually happy but when unhappy i usually tend to be grouchy and childish. My problem becomes everyones problem. I can be very predictable and tend to be Monotonous. I know how to have fun. I'm good at almost anything. I'm outgoing, down to earth, addictive, loud and i like to be in long relationships. I'm rare to find, good when found and not a nice person to be messed with. My gender does not have to do with anything, so what if i'm a girl who likes to wear boys clothing.  So what if people see me as a discrimination, a tranny, a genderqueer.etc etc. I don't care, I am a person, I am me.



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