I am one of those loves

Our history is over
Your book has framed so
My new love has ended it
You don't even know of the editorial
I want a regular love
That if are more special
Never normal loves
All these give the same
All of these already are so much like

I have loved loves
They have promised stations
They have given fatal winters
total leaving frost
But cooler burning has left me
that my most special love
That tide coming your memories
times are thawed in sea
when I remember you

As your memory
that as a boat floats
I am also of those loves
That easy forget heartbreaks
if they want to go
I am also of those loves
who cares about the reasons
to leave me in solitude

I am of the special ones
That you flinch to love
I am one of those loves
who gave everything for you
That received emptiness
inside of me
that give even the skin of being.
-Jonatan Vega


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