I am One

I am one
I am an insignificant one
In a sea of 7 billion, I am one
I am a grain of sand 
I am one drop of water in the grand ocean
I am a speck of dust on an old bookshelf
Of endless planets, I am on one
To the known and unknown, I am one
Tiny, insignificant, irrelevant 
One simply does not matter
What is the point of being one?
One snowflake in a snowstorm
Why am I one?
I’d like to matter
I’d like to be more than just one
More than just two
I want to be the sand
I want to be the grand ocean
I want to be a part of something
I need to matter
I need to be remembered on this earth
but do I really?
I’m one
Special, unique, different
I am a snowflake, one of a kind
I am the warm sand on the beach
I am the majestic ocean
I am more than a speck of dust
I am a part of the world that is today
I have no need to be remembered as a hero
I will be remembered because I am special
I am me
I am an individual 
I do matter 
I am one
And I am proud to be just one
I can make a difference in this huge universe
I may be one
Tiny, insignificant, irrelevent
But I am special, unique, and different
No one is the one that is I . 
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