I Am Not Your Enemy

I do not intend to harm you.
Fear paralyses you as a result of your guilt.
You wronged me deliberately,
But I shall not retaliate for the loss of my savings.
I see fright and confusion in your eyes.
You quake and tremble like a leaf.
You panic when you hear the howling of the wind.
And you keep looking behind you with dread.
You imagine that I am lying in wait for you.
Hold on! Do not scarper so fast.
You might stumble and break your neck.

Your animus towards me plainly shows.
I do not despise my fellow men.
You cannot see that your mind is your worst foe.
Your wicked deeds will continually haunt you.
I know you do not deserve pity,
But I sympathize with you.
Your transgressions are devouring you,
But you think it is bewitchment.
If God had the mind of mankind,
You would surely perish.
Fortunately you still have time to make amends.

Why are you so afraid to face me?
I am not your enemy.
And I do not harbour resentment.
Stop spreading rumours and lies.
You think I want to get back at you for hurting me.
That is exactly what you would do,
But that is not my intention.
Although I am without a home because of you,
I forgave you unconditionally.
Remove the uncleanness from your heart.
Do the right thing before it is too late.


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