I am not like you

I am not like you. 

You think you know it all from the view.

You think you know my story,

so you put me in a category.

"Illegal Immigrant" is all I am 

I don't count if I don't pass the exam, 

but no. 

I have the same right to the land as you,

who stole it from people like me,

foreign, dark, of another tongue,

who are you to tell me to "go back to where I came from!"

When my ancestors said to you "welcome!"

You killed, stole, and took advantage, 

and justified it by calling their differences savage.

All I want is a better opportunity,

money and for my kids a community.

Lock them up in cages, the orange man demands!

While my people clean his hands.


Don't tell me I don't deserve to be in the land of the free

I will clean your house and he will cut your yard,

because people like us could never get degrees.

I am not like you, I actaully worked hard. 


This poem is about: 
My family


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