I am not you

I am not you,

You are not me.

So why expect me to be someone I can never be?

Across the Ocean,

The big pacific blue sea,

Where morals differ,

But that's not where you raised me.

My parent, my seed,

Can't you see?

I am your flower,

So please nurture me.

For I am growing to be much more

Than you expected so what did you move to this country for?

You traded the Pacific Islands for Seattles mountain coast.

Where people are liberal

And conservative morals like yours are a ghost.

So what did you expect when this city shaped my views?

And turned me into someone else,

I see you're not amused.

Freedom of religion,

Self expression at no cost,

So why do you charge at me,

And say that I'm so lost.

Lost in this society's culture,

I don't look the same,

You say my appearance doesn't match our culture,

It doesn't match my name.

But I have done no wrong,

I simply grew up,

To be someone unexpected,

And it's your world I shook up.

The three of us so different,

Mom, Dad why can't you see?

I am not you,

And you are not me.




This poem is about: 
My family


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