I am Not a Shepard of Souls

Thu, 08/29/2013 - 11:01 -- EmmPhD

 Dodging the inevitable, pacing between days and the weakening hours before that burning question is asked.
 The heart pinches an undeniable pain, not wishing the disappoint... But, to stay true all the same.
 Complaints about a certain person,- facade to hide the shame of the battering words that are unjustified.
 Jealousy coaxing the tongue, the mouth feeling dry. It seems unrealistic to ask why?
 The fear overlaps, running for that's what is done best.
 Quivering pulse, misleading illustrious lies.
 Tearing a friendship apart, as it's done many of times.
 I know you love me. Your laugh says it all, from my cursing words to my corny jokes... You seek to my actions in awe.
 You've counted these days. It's been a while.
 But, if I say no...
 I might never see you smile.
Would your eyes grow harsh, like winter's brush against the skin?
Or Would I rather just roll in sandpaper, to understand the heart's singe?


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