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I am not a poet I don’t write  I don’t recite  I don’t use my words correctly  i don’t comprehend as well as others  i don’t understand the rules I play ball, I’m good at it  it makes me whole its my happy place The court is ninety-four feet the hoop is ten feet high  a lay up is worth two points  a shot made from more than twenty-two feet away is worth three to must they are both field goals  the rules are easy to me because I’ve been playing for so long  I understand the game  I’ve practiced, and practiced again, and practiced again, and practiced again  no matter how hard, I made a commitment  these rules make sense  it’s worth it   through my DNA Dedication, Never give up, Attitude  It’s taught me a lot  It’s changed me  while I don’t understand or comprehend the rules of poetry  i know that my life has looked a lot like ball and no matter what it takes and all its rules, all it’s wins and loses  at the end it’s all worth it  ball is life 

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This is my first poem I’ve ever written. be kind :) thank you!

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