I AM Not

I AM Not 

I AM Micah K.

I AM first an American American girl but, Im not destined to be beauty and brains.

I AM a person created through stereotypes.

I AM definied by how many times my legs open and how many men I let in.

I AM society's little lost girl ,left in the shadows to fail.

I AM a statistic of failure and generational curses and a teen mom with 3 baby fathers.

I AM destined to be nothing in life and never be great.

But that's not who I am...

I AM beauty and brains. 

I AM defined by who I am for who I am.

I AM an African American Queen and Caramel Doll. A young lady who embodies morals and values.

I AM ambitious and aspiring to be the best me I can be.

I AM not a statistic and I will succeed no matter what society says I define. Who I am.

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