I Am No Theo


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"Stoic is the valve to my heart,
Turning and tightening, tearing me apart.
I thought I knew, I thought I understood,
Yet I still feel so distant and not what I should.

What unlocks the sarcophagus I'm trapped in?
I should not be apprehended with unjust confusion.
I stand as a haughty behemoth to another's melancholy,
But must I be blamed for seeming unholy?"

Shattered windows shroud the eyes,
Pools of milk flood the skin,
Crimson roses plucked from hell swarm the mantle,
Fresh dew from a poppy drop as tears.

Slaved to my tree is a tragedy,
Faith to the future is all but a travesty.
Settle now, my loved ones, fret not,
Join your hands and remember what we were taught.

Every queen's reign will approach an end,
But our adventures pursue, each one with a friend.
When the treasure is lost and impossible to save,
Know the gold now lives on in our memories and cannot fade.

Witness the virtue of the heavenly bridges we cross,
Accept the grace of each other, think not of it as an albatross.
Venture forth and consider the warm clouds of love,
As you were never alone, just now watched from above.

Hold the pomegranate in your hands as did Mary,
Ignore the tumult and fear you may carry,
And unleash your burdens and worries,
Grow strong and powerful like heroes read in stories.

Hang from the ropes of the vivacious archangel,
You may feel nervous, unwilling, and disdainful,
But you're gliding free from the badlands,
And being adorned with the rest of the garlands.

Outshine Antares and marvel at God's creations,
Push forward the cracks of walls of devastation,
You will never disappear in the wells of misfortune,
The true wealth coexists in your heart's gardens.

Among our setbacks and our distasteful fears,
Lies a brighter nirvana where there are no tears.
Promises are fulfilled and wishes are honored,
Love and peace forever circulate onward and onward.

Though we stumble over barchans of misery,
Though our stars dwindle and leave bitterly,
The benediction of the universe is eternal and esprit,
Time never ceases and neither should we.

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My family
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