I am > (My Overcoming Poem)

What makes me happy is my ability to overcome, I thank god everyday for making me as strong of a person as I am and being able to fight through the hard times to find that ending light. This is my poem of what makes me happy.

I am more then my breakdowns

I am more then my tears

I am more then my unsureness

I am more then my fears

I am more,

..so much more.

I am more then my heavy eyes and then my silence in the back of the class

I am more then my small smiles and ability to pass..

the soccer ball across the big green field..

like my dreams,

I'm hidden.. behind the laughs and the stares.

I am more then my voice hidden inside me that screams.

I have been lifted up,

just to be torn back down...

I have had my gracious days

follow by one where I DROWN

in my own tears.

In my own tears, i'm lost,

i'm lost and I cannot be found.

I wasn't stolen, no,

I was stole from.

Robbed of my innocence,

robbed of my laughs,

robbed of myself.

But did you think that would get me down?

I'm not one to give up, i'm a fighter

and now better then ever, I was never soaring higher

toward my dreams.

No more heavy eyes, or silence in the class

now all you hear is my determanation, no more cries, only laughs,

it's all about the present now, what about the past?

The only reminsence of that past that I serve,

is to thank it,

for my inner beauty, is what I now have learned.



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