For I am my father's child


For I am the child of my Father

My father and I think a like
We dream alike
When smile alike like a beam of bright light
Though we differ in many a ways
Like he is a Cubs fan and I forever a Sox fan
Like he prefers his laundry to be done weekly while I wait with glee to finish mine monthly
Like he can be Liberal in his beliefs while I'm more Moderate in mine.
So differ we may be but its matters not. For I am the child of my Father

We are the same he and I
Both dark haired with a natural curl
Both tall and longed arms
Both strong and soft hearted
Both stubborn and with a anger that burns through our veins
See, I was made from his mold and it was foretold that I would be bold.With his strength and fire pumping through my veins I am nobility and I know tranquility and will never act with stupidity and will go on and never have to worry about liquidity.

For I am the child of my Father

I remember times from my youth of moments of peace in his protective hold
Moments of joy even though I was caught in his wrestling hold
Moments when I smiled brighter than gold because the front door opened and I knew he was home.
Moments when I awoke from a nap while laying on his lap.
Moments when we would argue and he would win but he made up for it cause I was his kid.

For I am the child of my Father

He took care of me whenever sick with the common cold, flu, fever, and nightmares.
He took care of me when children teased and he was pleased that now he could teach me how to fight both with my mind, my mouth and my fist. You should know better cause I fight with mighty fist. With both my left and my right and I keep my guard up.
He bought me everything that I needed and taught me how to make my own money so I get what I wanted.
He taught me the good music of his day and from that I treat his old 45’s as precious gold.

For I am the child of my Father and now grown with children of my own I can look back at both the hard times and the good times with a smile, cause forever in my heart it will be known that for I had a loving Father and no matter what if he is know longer with me for I will always have his memories and when I look upon a mirror I beam with glee because with that smile I have my father smiling right back at me.


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