I Am A Musician

I am a musician.
Not because of the awards,
The college applications,
The recommendations,
Not to travel,
Not to raise my GPA,
Or to show off

I am a musician
It would be impossible for me to be anything else.
I’m crazy about music
My love for it burns like
A mother’s love for her young,
Or when a father lays his eyes on his baby for the first time.
It’s an intense flame that never goes out

And although being a musician is never easy,
Practicing for several hours a day,
Constantly being criticized and knowing my best isn’t
Always good enough
Chasing after this thing we call “perfection” that doesn’t even exist!
I’m a musician.

Some may think this life is crazy,
Not worth it
They say I could be doing so many other things,
Going for something that I know will bring me stability and security.
But I don’t want that.
It won’t bring me joy,
It won’t relieve me of my pain,
Take me out of reality.

We all need that.
Time to breathe,
And to realize
Of what we’re going through
It’s going to be okay.
All we need is a break.
Music gives me a break.

I want to feel
And to express myself
I want to inspire
And create
I want my soul to fucking grow!
I’m a musician.


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