I am Mother

Before I knew how to open my eyes, for 9 months you gave me shelter

When I didn't know what world I was in you gave me comfort

When I took my first steps wobbling my way to you, you gave me encourgament.

When I took my first step into the classroom you showed me tears but God only knew how great you knew I would grow to be.

When I had my very first graduation you  gave me a smile you knew it was the start of how your shining star would find its light.

When I had my first dance show you cheered me on

When I left for middle school you were nervous but you knew I was prepared

Each show you were there to cheer me on only to know that since the firstday you greeted me into the world that I was to grow as ambitous as you

When my first day in high school arived you woke up, half the reason to see what I would wear the other half to catch the sight of the moment your baby takes a further step to her future

Before you knew it I walked in a senior who shared four of some of the most honorable years of her life with nothing but great inspiration from you  cheering her on.

From hitting wide turns in your car to now bringing in an high school diploma.

You must of had so many thoughts in your head the day I walked across that stage.

What will she do next? What will her career be? Smile baby smile, you did it you made it through I could not be more proud to see this moment and wow my baby is going to college.

When you drove with all of my things on the road to an even brighter future

When you left me there saying well this is the day I prepared you for

Untill now

Before I knew how to open my eyes you gave me shelter

You gave me a push to keep me determined to get to where I am going

And now I am doing what you set me out to do be the best I can be and to continue to make you proud.



This poem is about: 
My family


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