I am more than the picture on your timeline

Arch your back
Now pout your lips
Wait, wait move your shoulder near your chin
Now click
That’s your typical instagram pic
It’s a process
I admit I sometimes hide behind filters
It’s like I am my own personal builder
To create an illusion that I am flawless
No I did not wake up like this
Behind the countless selfies is a girl
sun kissed skin
thin lips
curvy hips
blue tips
I can alter how people perceive me
and I control what they see
I never take a full body picture because there is no filter to hide my insecurities
My pores become pixelated
I live in a society where real names become less known
I like to think of myself as a leader but I am a follower of 552 accounts
I am more than just a picture down your timeline
I am a girl whose spine isn’t aligned so I find comfort in slouching
My favorite body part is my hands
because they allow me to put a pen to paper
which in the digital age is rare
I am more than just a picture on your timeline
No filter can cover up my mistakes
No filter can erase my shame
My favorite filter is the sun
Thru the lense I can make my world black and white but why would I want to cover up a world so beautifully bright
I speak my mind and my mouth has no filter which is a blessing and a curse
A picture is worth a thousand words
A filter can stop that story
Behind the double taps is a girl
I am more than just a picture on your timeline
If I adjust the brightness, even out the contrast, lower the saturation, and add a shadow
I can possibly hide behind it
No filter can enhance my intellect
By chance can see my flaws that I applause because without them I wouldn’t be me
If we were to make human interaction which is a bit old fashion
I couldn’t hide behind Hudson and you’d see me on “normal” filter
You would see a girl who was
sun kissed
has thin lips
curvy hips
blue tips
I am more than just an instagram pic
You would smell the mixture of coconut and vanilla if I was close enough
You would hear the excitement in my voice when I talked about something I love and the twinkle in my eyes
You would feel my soft hands when you shake them
I am girl who can’t hide behind a filter in reality
No picture can capture my complex mentality
I am more than just a picture on your timeline

This poem is about: 
Our world


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