I am from the Melody

Sun, 05/18/2014 - 15:41 -- Kaybul

I am From the Melody,
Batteries to my life
and the Ladder to freedom.
I am from the white bench of polished flowers
The pots of once vibrant Flowers
and The Orchids the color of blood.
I am from Denise and Frank
From sounds of the Beach to sights of a new Dad
and nothing from the father I never knew
I’m from ‘the Holy water of a hidden treasure”
and “You’ll never be good at anything”
I’m from The Spaghettis and the Chilies
And the Famous Brown Bean
Ground meats to delivered pizzas
I am various tastes.
I am from the closet of hidden wonders
Filled with giant boxes of memories recent
And old with a scent of mustiness  but serenity.

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