I am Me.


Seventeen years young,

The bightest of the ages,

Not old enough to make your won decisions

But old enough that you feel that you should make your own decisions.

So young and alive, but restricted and controlled

But I am only Me.


Five foot, one inch,

Abnormal size for my age,

And as others tell me,

My weight.

They say I am fat and ugly.

But I am only Me.


A bisexual girl in a Catholic household,

The shame of my family,

Even though I am the only one who has ever been on the road to college.

I am the dirt upon thier shoe, 

Even if we are the same blood.

But I am only Me.


An outgoing overly happy girl,

Who is broken and beaten inside,

Who hides my pain but speaks my pride

I live every day like it is my last even when people put my down,

and kick me, over and over and over again.

But I am only Me.


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