I Am Me

I am the granddaughter of an Imam,
The daughter of an Imam’s daughter
And a businessman.

She who knotted together all ends
And sewed a smile on her face
Is my mother.
A strong, independent lady
Who stood quiet for so long
Until the Sea Gods told her
That the wind called her,
The birds wanted to take her away,
The ocean wanted to drown her.
She did not speak up
not because she was scared.
She melted the icicles because she needed running water for her four children. She was not scared,
She wanted to see the end through a new beginning,
To cross the ocean,
Ride the wind,
And fly on the Bird's Wings.
She was my mother:
A strong, independent women.

My father was and is a businessman.
There's a new house on sale?
The stock market is flourishing?
That's what the customers want?
Check. Check. Check.
He did business with his heart, house, and humanity.
He did business to his children, wife, and parents
By nurturing them,
Loving them,
Shaping and reshaping their dreams.
He was my father.

I am the daughter of an Imam's daughter and a businessman
But most importantly,
I am me.
I am Jarin,
Shaped and reshaped by your thoughts and unspoken dreams.
The wind whistles to my pulse
As I let my horses loose.
Planning and prepping,
Unraveling and traveling
Crying and strengthening
Shaping and reshaping.
I am me.
I am Jarin.

This poem is about: 
My family


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