I Am Me


I Am...
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I am me, the one and only.

The infant who cried, the toddler who hurt.

I am me, the one who learned the ABC's

and count to three.

I am me, the doodler, the reader and the nerd,

the silent artist in the corner in elementary

with hair in my face and no confidence to show.

I am me, the free spirited but shy middle schooler.

The girl who made friends but couldn't hold on to them.

The girl who had a crush but couldn't tell. 

But then everything changed. 

I made new friends, ones who would be everlasting.

I spoke more and interacted.

High School came and I became the rebel in the family.

The punster of the group of friends. The musician. The writer. 

But a new chapter will start in my life and I have also become the worrier.

The stresser who ponders about how my life will be. 

Will I be a doctor or a wanderer?

Will I be married one day or a cat lady? 

Afraid of the future

but reflecting I am still me. 

I will be ready because though time has aged me and I've grown more personalities,

no matter the future, I will still be me.


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