I Am Me

I am the little seed that just made its way into the egg,

I am the little boy that came out the wound with a big head.

I am the big toddler that's bigger than the rest of my class,

I am the big toddler that really wasn't all that fast.

I am the big kid that could never fit the clothes in his closet, 

I am the big kid that was always in the front office.

I am a big teenager now, I'm slowly growing up

I am a big teenager now still getting whooped on his butt.

I am the big senior boy that is about to graduate, 

I am a big senior boy who is scared of his own fate.

I am me cant you see, I am all that I can be.

Graduation rounding the corner, tears coming from me and family.

I am Me.

This poem is about: 
My family



short and sweet :)


'Little Big-Boy'
Nice story


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