I Am Me

I am me, myself, and nobody else.

I am the one who wakes up everyday as the one they call Mariah,

I am the one who is in a constant battles with insecurities.

I am the one everyone wants to be because I seem so happy.

I am me, the one who is secretly hurting on the inside.


Secrets are so well hidden

Nobody can tell

I am not happy with this life I am living

Thoughts and wonders of what it is like

to be somebody else


The ones who love me

are what keep me going

My mind keeps telling me i’m not good enough

I fight my thoughts with positive memories

But I slowly creep back to where I was


I fear one day I won’t be able to fight anymore

All those negative thoughts will get the best of me

For now I shall prepare for the battle that I will face.

I am not giving up without fight

I have hope there is light on the other side


I am me, myself, and nobody else

I am Mariah, the weak but yet so strong one

I am Mariah, the one that won’t give up without a fight

I am Mariah, someone that i can’ change

I am me, the one who is secretly hurting on the inside.


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