i am me

I am me

And I have a story

Of a young girl, broken and torn

So done with life, so unsure.

The other kids pushed her away,

Made her want to end her life every single day.

She fought back her tears

While she was facing her biggest fears.

Put the bottle to her lips,

Put the razor to her hips.

Broken promises and empty dream,

Her nightmare was as real as it seemed,

Covered in scars and cuts

From each and every word they said

They danced around all day in her head,

Until she pulled out her razor and painted her picture.

One day, she had had enough

She decided to get violent and rough.

She ran to her room and slammed the door.

Oh, she didn’t want to be here anymore!

She put the pills in her hand

And on the floor she landed.

She woke up surrounded by family.

This, is the girl that used to be me.

Now nothing is wrong

And I get along

With the people who were once enemies,

They are now a vital part of what makes me, me.

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