I am Me

Why am I me?
If I was a word in the dictionary,
What would you read?
I am Brooke
Any way you read it on a page in a book
You can look and see that its clearly me.
I am what I've become because of where I've been, what I've done,
Im here because of the cards that I've played and the songs I have sung.
Am I entitled?
Do I deserve this life I lead?
With warm bed, loving family it gets increasingly tedious
Counting my blessings at the end of the day in so many ways I am loved,
But I feel pain also.
I have known loss, I know what it's like to be pushed away.

Every day I am trying to find a new hope, a new purpose.
In my heart I know that even so I am stronger.
My trials feel longer.
Dragging me down in this chaos called life I long to be different
But in the attempts I have made I just end up the same different as everyone else,

Caught in the waves of who I am told to be. who am I really?
Its the inquisition in this composition I am writing
So listen.
In my question rather than a definition
I find the suggestion ubuntu
I am because we are.
Take a step back and you can see it. If you care only for yourself so be it,
But perceiving that we all share the same struggles shows our humanity,
Not a calamity but something beautiful.
We all have a purpose
I am who I am meant to be, everyday more so.

Growing, knowing I'll follow the path destiny has laid out, I'm free.

The best of me is what I'll give to humanity.

I'll live everyday to the best of my abilities.

My agility may weaken but praise God the battles make me wiser.

My ties are broken and I take to the sky.

Just in time I find who I am

I am me.


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