I Am Me

I am


I speak with the Lord and listen to his ways,

see his great works,

and make something from them,

myself, constantly changing,

my opinions, personality, outlook, and activities,

I play with who I am and find who I am comfortable with,

forming my story,

molding my future,

shaping my life.


I am


Of what is out there,

of past experiences,

of new things to come.

I dwell on the past, the things I have done, the people I have met,

I worry about the future, and who will be there, or if it will just be me,

I run from today, of who I am loving, what I am becoming.

and what is.


I am 


Shaping thoughts and giving them life,

forming them into simple actions,

giving expression to ordinary things,

and calling it my own.


I am


My person is changing as I walk through life,

constantly growing,


transforming into something beautiful,


blooming into who I am

and will be.


I am



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