I Am Me.


Who am I?

I am a cup of coffee with French vanilla creamer.

I am 2 a.m. reading my favorite Jodi Picoult book.

I am dreaming of the endless possibilities I can conquer.

I am a passion for helping others and making the world exuberant.

I am me.

I am naps on a summer afternoon with all the windows open.

I am my Ed Sheeran album on the way to school.

I am dancing in the mirror to classic Grease soundtrack songs.

I am a constant thirst for adventure.

I am me.


I am NOT my relationship to gravity.

I am NOT the vicious comments about my so called “thunder thighs”.

I am NOT the irrelevant number on the scale.

I am NOT the layers of makeup on my face or the newest clothes on my body.

I am me.

I am NOT constantly obsessing about fitting into a size 2 pair of jeans.

I am NOT the constant worry of not ever being good enough.

I am NOT my body in a scrutinizing two piece bathing suit.

I am NOT my sickening diagnosis of depression and my hidden fears of judgment.

I am me.

But the real question is,

Why can’t the world see past what I am not and only see…


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