I am Me

Sat, 02/28/2015 - 21:13 -- Raenna


I am Me

I am who I am. I am what I am. I am Raenna Renee Montoya. I have a long history, and do not know my ancestors. I am one of only two great granddaughters of Dorothy Gonzales, which believe it or not had nine kids. I am a girl who is not in the latest fashion trend, and will dress as comfortable as need be, unless otherwise. I am a girl who rarely ever wears make-up and when I do no one notices for I am just another face in the crowd. although at times I like it that way.

I come from a small family, with big hearts, and even bigger people. I am mixed. I am Mexican, Black, and Samoan. I am not your stereotypical “colored” or “bean” or yet will I stand to be treated as such. I am shy. I will use humor as my way out, or simply to try and make friends. Simply because I am who I am. I am funny. I am a cook. I cook after my heritage as well as anything else that sounds tasteful.

I am talented. I can shoot a target when I need to. I am fearless. I have seen death at a young age, and have found an unfair amount of dead bodies, my first body I've found being in fifth grade. I am grown. I was force to live life at a fast pace. I have grown up fast, and was introduced to the good and the bad of the real world when I was only in fifth grade. I am ready, and have been mentally, emotionally and physically ready to live on my on, and support myself since I was fourteen.

I am music. My life is an unwritten song, that has yet to find the right melody. I am childish. I will always love little kid movies till this day, or till I am dead. I never will stop loving them and never stop singing along to the catchy songs. I am a person who tries to be worry free, tries to live by the tattoo I have on me. I am free. I am me. I am a survivor of a house fire. To a survivor hated and disowned by her own dad. Even though all is true, nothing will change me. I am me.

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My family
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Sorry it may not be a great poem, but I wanted to write about my past and tell people how it has helped me become who I am today.

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