I Am Me


United States
36° 8' 47.3172" N, 96° 11' 42.4752" W

My name is Madisen
I love to ride,
But when it comes to leavin' i'd rather die.
Golf is my passion
I play the 18th hole for fun,
While I see the evening sun.
I am a senior, born in Oklahoma
I will be torn,
If i have to leave in such a morn.
In the summer, I love the lake,
We always try not to make a wake.
Schools not my favorite thing,
I cant wait to hear the bell ring.
But my education means a lot,
Sometimes I can barely fill the spot.
I show pigs,
usually they get really big.
I show a breed called spots,
it really means a lot.
My birthday is September 3rd,
It sometimes falls on labor day,
But i wish it was in May.
I Am Me,
Im glad you listened now you can see,
Everything that is important to me.


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