I Am Me


Me without a filter is like water without being purified

Like stream water before getting sterilized

See I come with my benefits but can be poisoning

You get the true nature of me no games no gimmicks

Everything is exposed I don't have nothing to hide

You can choose to like me or not

Just know I'm coming to you in my dearest form

You can take it or leave it wouldn't make me glad or mad

I'm like raw honey before any other added substances

I'm the best without things being added to try to make things better

I have my up and down sides I'm not just on one track

Some may think I’m ugly or some might think I’m cute

Some people may be false some people may be true

That decision is only up to you

I don't care what you think that's why I have no filter

I know criticism was coming my way there is no way around it

So focused on my goals don't have time to try to impress everyone

See I'm not a copy or replica I'm authentic

I was born to be different and be unique

I don’t have the same anything as anyone else

Like a snow flake I'm not identical to no one else

So I’m going use my gift of not being the same and stand out

In a world filled with people putting on fake smiles

People wanting to be beautiful so they put mask on

I notice it's becoming a trend

So I'm going to take control of my own destiny

Use no filters letting everyone know I Am Me




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