I Am Madness

I am madness
I rave wildly throughout my diseased mind in hope of some sort of sense
I cannot focus on one thing for a lengthened period of time
Where am I to go in the midst of my delusions
What dreams am I left with
Gone from a child wishing to be a princess
To a villain just as depraved as the rest of mankind
I am lost
I wish to make something of my life
But I need someone to tell me how
I am desperate
Scars and smiles line my life
Dark minds and dark screams
I call for help but no one can hear you if you are silent
I am fighting
I look towards the future
I search for dreams
But that is difficult when my dreams begin morphing into nightmares
I am not alone
I try to reach out to others so they may not feel as I do
Where are the princess and villain now
For I am neither
I am merely a madman

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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