I am love

I am love

I wonder why people are ashamed to admit when i’m on their mind

I hear the coos of couples

I see the heartbroken dreamers toss pennies into a fountain as a desperate prayer for change

I want the heart to lead humanity to a brighter tomorrow

I am love

I pretend like I don't cause corruption and pain

I feel only what your deepest desires inspire

I touch people in the strangest of ways...romantically, paternally, and through mutual understanding

I worry I am not as fair and just as my intentions are

I cry when broken souls with bruised hearts no longer trust in me

I am love

I understand life is a busy bustle with priorities and duties

I say everyone still needs to make time for me

I dream the world will someday embrace me with open arm

I try my best to madden my victims until they become obedient

I hope I will never be silenced by one’s anxious mind

I am love

This poem is about: 
Our world



This is very accurate! Beautifully and passionately put. Thanks for writing.

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