I Am Lost


As tears fall down my cheek erasing my make-up stained skin,

My finger clicks "delete" that forces the last of my inferior selfies down a cyber bin.

Who am I when I am not pretending and relying on man-made materials to fix me up?

What joys lie in the deepest crevasses of my heart that finds me each day & fills my cup?

I ask myself these questions as I stare at the mirror I had tossed.

I... I am lost.

Scarred by the wounds society has left me.

I am sometimes left defeated by the expectations that our ever changing world pressures me to be.

I would like to say that when I am alone with my thoughts, with nothing but my flesh to cover me; I am strong and confident.

But how can I be, when society makes me feel everything but competent?

I know that letting the expectations of society in my head is no good.

Please make sure you listen well, I do not want to be misunderstood.

It is hard to wear a yellow shirt in a crowd that only wears red.

That is the reason you see that when I am alone with myself, I allow my tears to shed.

All I ask is that before you leave, do not think to look at me cross.

You see it is not my fault, I am just lost.



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