I Am Just A Man



I hate school, I hate books.

I am just a man; I’m not the best student.

I hate how when I get an answer wrong everyone giggles and looks.

I know that I’m not stupid.


I love learning, I love to read.

I am just a man, I’m not the smartest.

I love seeing someone I helped succeeded.

It’s like gathering fruit at the harvest.


I hate winter, I love summer.

I am just man, I’m bound to change.

Nothing beats seeing bird’s wings flutter.

And drinking cold lemonade.


We have been through a year and my teacher only knows my name.

He doesn’t know that I hate winter or why I feel pain.

But, I am just a man.


He never took notice that I stutter when,

I’m in the group with the smarter kids.

I want to tell him that I’m better than him,

But, I am just a man.


I think that I can teach better than he.

Even without a suit, tie, and degree.

I don’t even need a book or chalk.

I’ll just let my students talk.

But I remain quiet.

I am just a man.


I may not be able to change the world but, maybe I can inspire someone who can.

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We all teach each other every day, no matter how much we know about science or literature.

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