I am Jacob, but who's that?

Had to write for English,

Everyone has their stories.

Who am I?

They had a life-changing move,

She got in trouble for habitual lying.

Who am I?

I'm the one who looked forward to this,

But I have nothing to write about.

Who am I?

I thought about my life,

Everything was against the odds.

Why am I me?

I didn't fit in,

But I had great friends.

Why me?

I missed homework,

But I'm going to college.

Why me?

Because I'm me.

I didn't have a life changing expirience

because my life never stopped for long enough

to change.

I didn't move but I stayed with my friends,

Sometimes more than my family.

I didn't get in trouble,

Becasue I shaped myself.

I am Jacob, but who's that?

Whoever I want to be.

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