I am... Imperfectly Perfect

I am...

Imperfectly Perfect

I have flaws and defects 

I am the number one reject

But I am happy

Because I see

The beauty

Within me

It took many years

With amundent tears

But evientually I realized

Where my self worth truly lies

I had this Epiphany

That to be happy

I had to not please everybody

But me

I have to put myself first 

For better or for worse

Because at the end of the day

It is only I who has a say

In my destiney 

Who I get to be

I am Imperfectly Perfect

Because I accept

My flaws and my defects

And I embrace

The fact that I am a reject

Because I can look at my reflection

and see that it is my imperfection

That makes me perfect 


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