I am an Illegal, Legal, American Citizen, Comedian; I am happy

Every day my mother would look at me and smile

She would tell me to get dressed and eat

She would take me to school and tell me she loved me

While she went to work, I studied at school

Every day in school I would be made fun of for being half Black and Mexican

For being born in Mexico and speaking with an accent

I would be told everyday that my chances of making it were low

Every day my mother would look at me and smile

She would cook for my father and me

She would tell me how much she loves me and take me to school

Every day in school I heard that illegals were stupid, ignorant and lazy people taking jobs

And, every day my mother would look at me and smile and go to work

A physical therapist in Mexico, flipping burgers in America

Every day my mother would tell me I am the best thing that has ever happened to her and that I could do anything

While everyday in school I was told that I was nothing more than a minority

She would constantly make jokes and keep me from fearing the worst

Every day in school I would make the kids laugh and smile

I told others like me that they were special and they could make it

I made others smile

The same ignorant and lazy person that I learned about in school would wake up everyday and work. 

She would smile everyday, and my mother made the person I am today.

Now that she is a legal resident of these United States,

Every day my mom looks at me and smiles

I am a comedian, dancer, and in college because of my mother's sacrifices

I am a civil rights activist and person that makes you smile

I am a person that sees the good in people and tells them that they can make it everyday 

I am an illegal, legal, African- American and Mexican- American Citizen.

I am happy knowing that I am who I am today

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Guide that inspired this poem: 



I loved your poem. My parents came to America to lead a better life and left everything that they knew behind. Keep writing because the world needs to know your story!!!


Thank you, I appreciate it.  It is nice to hear somebody who can relate to my experiences. 


I love this poem! I'm a white girl born in America, but I want to understand how others think and feel. 

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