I am Human

I am human.

I will break;

I will fail;

I will stumble and

I will fall


“I will put the pieces back together;

I will try and try again;

I will find my balance and

I will always pick myself back up again.

I am human”.


I don’t like when my family or friends are hurting;

I don’t like getting in trouble;

I don’t like feeling embarrassed and

I don’t like getting compared to someone else.

I am who I am;

I am human.


I make mistakes;

I laugh;

I cry;

I have good days;

I have bad days;

But I don’t let that stop me from living life how I want to;

I am human.


I try my best to not hide behind the curtain;

I want people to know the real me I want them to see my “weird” personality;

I want them to love me for who I really am;

But I still have my flaws;

I am human.


Occasionally I will hide behind the curtain

To refrain from revealing that I have my weak points;

That I could use a hand sometimes;

That I’m not the definition of perfection;

But then I realize

No one is perfect;

No one is born without flaws;

So that gives me no reason to hide behind the curtain;

I am my own person;

I am human.


Everything that has happened in my past has made me who I am today

And I can’t complain;

I love who I am;

I love my personality;

I love my friends;

I love my family;

And I love all of the people who helped shape me and my personality;

To put it all together I love that

I am human.


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