I am Hip Hop


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I am Hip Hop
As my tears drip down on the page of my rhymes
That fuzzy feeling that you get inside
I ask the questions, as to why does hip hop sound like
A herd of wild animals?
Not the meaningful hip hop that lifted the soul
But the hip hop that made you deep think about the things that
go on in the world around you.
I am Hip Hop
The millions of dollars made off of the CD's and records I sold,
because of the beats I drop
My words don't mean a damn thing
But people like them so I keep going
I am supposed to be hip hop
But it seems like these rappers today are just hurting
The goals for those young people trying to make it to the top
And are being categorized as just another life wasted
I am Hip Hop
I am the struggle of the young women that look down upon themselves
Because well "Sex sells everything"
So they say.
I am the voices of the artists
That don't have the voice to speak up and speak out
I am those local artists
Who have a story to tell but just cant get it out
I am the young women who are forced to put themselves down
Because well, Its all about the Benjamins Baby
I am that young girl who wants to be like Trina or Lil Kim
Or that young boy that wants to rhyme like Tupac or Drake
Music that has a substance
Because hip hop is the greatest thing to music
I am Hip Hop


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