I Am Hidden


If I were to express myself, 

Be myself; my true self

Would I be accepted? 

Or disregarded? Judged? 


I wonder… 

Would they talk to me,

Walk with me,

Or sit?

Would they be true acquaintances?

Genuine friends?

Or just pretend?



Its felt

Even with the ones I love,

With the ones whom know me best,

With the ones I should trust.

Yet I feel their gaze of judgement,

Their disregard of me, 

I wonder…

“If they see me this way,

What will the others think of me?”


So I hide behind a curtain,

A wall,

A mask.

The authentic me is hidden, 

But the one thats expected,

The one they all want,

It's taking it's wonted place in society

And the real me,

It's left to suffer in silence.




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