I was young, and now I am wise.

I could not see, until I open my eyes.

I depended on my parents for school and home.

Due to no fault of my own, my parents are gone.

I am grown now.

Life was fun and challenges filled.

With memories of even my family being killed.

I learned to cope and follow my dreams.

By putting together some amazing teams.

I am grown now.

I am independent and my future is bright.

Off to college I go, and ready to stay the flight.

There will be many scholars with secrets like mine.

Still we will all conquer the test of time.

I am grown now.

Life happens to the best of us.

So we sour through the journey or skip the bus.

I chose to fly high, high, high.

And will not allow any opportunities past me by.

I am grown now.

I am grateful, happy, and free.

Ready for society and unity.

I am grown now.

~~~By Ayanna2023

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