I am Growing

I am grateful.

Grateful because 

I am the seed

that had everything she 

would ever need.


I am a noob.

As I was sprouting 

I was not aware 

of what the weather 

could do.


I am fragile but firm.

Love and care I have received.

On my own 

I will learn 

and in myself I believe.


Summer was my sprouting stage; I was not aware.

Autmn I was growing; I came upon life.

Winter brought my first freeze; I broke down.

Spring brought my life back; I learned you have to be strong to continue to grow.


I am experiencing 

blizzards and showers of sunshine.

my roots have been buried

where I find life in humanities rhymes.



I continue to grow.

I have come to find 

that I must bind.


Because not ever thunderstorm 

will break your form. 

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