I am God.

“I am God.”A saying that implies so much goodBut detrimental to the thoughts.Humbleness a virtue, glorified to them allAnd want to demonize those that have the gallTo be their all.Exodus 14 is what they try to claimBut like Sherane, I’m disdainedAnd considered a bane to those I cause pain.They try leg clipping, guilt tripping, and fake pimpingTo disprove everything I’ve taken and bitten.But they can’t deny I’ve succeeded where they failed,Now I’m comfortably sittin’.“My selfishness is what got me here, who the fuck I’m kiddin?”So much potential but now bittersweet?Is it wrong that if I take itIts mines to keep? “How much a Dollar really cost?” Let me ask you that!“Superiority Complex” that’s what you claim when you speak on my namebut have you askedhow much that Dollar truly cost!The sacrifices needed to be the boss of my life in spite of the lost!You claim thee is narcissistic but you’re really paraplegic when you can’t even tell the difference between me and the higher existence!You call me pretentious, but to that, you can’t even bare witness!Ignorance!One day, you will come to me for repentance! “You’re insensitive, and you lack empathy...”  Say what you willand that may be,But just know that I am the product of me,of my selfishness and drive to not know defeat.  Selfishness or success, to which I can not attest,But since you think I don’t deserve my progress,Let me just ask this one question:  Are you mad because you’ve failed due to your transgressions? 

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My community


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