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I don’t get what people have against people of different race
And sexuality it’s not fair to treat them like
there different we are all one are we not?
So why treat us like we have something wrong with us?
We can’t choose who we fall for it just happens…
You can’t control what goes on inside your heart or your mind
You may think its easy facing the cruel reality but its not
How do you think we feel when you judge us call us fagg’s and treat us like were some type of alien
I'm tired of people treating us like there's something wrong with us….
But there truly isn't….
We’re all the same
Putting us through all that isn't right…
But not like it would change
Over time we will show you that even though we may like the same sex or may be gender queer
Doesn't means we can’t all get along
I'm proud of my sexuality and if the world can’t accept that
Then i can’t accept the world

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I am so sorry you've had to feel the harshness of the world. Your beautiful write breaks my heart.  Have hope though. The world is starting to change in so many ways. Many People who have been unaccepting in the past are slowly changing their bigoted ways.  My son is gay and I love him more than life itself. We talk about it often to keep our lines of communication open. I hope you have someone close to you that you can talk to. :)


I really like this. It is very touching. I know how you feel. I too am a part of the gender queer community, but I have no problem being who I am. I live in a Christian strict household, so I'm sure you could imagine the things I probably have to keep hearing. At the end of the day, you love who you love and as long as you are happy with that, tha's all that matters.

atticus w

thank you, im bisexual, ive seen somethings so thank you


I really like this, im nonbionary so deffinetly get it. we'll all pull through though.

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