I Am Foundation


There's a beautiful girl with goals and aspirations. She puts all of her trust in a guy. He lies and he cheats but he constantly repeats, "I love you you're the reason my heart skips a beat". She is very intelligent but just blinded by "love". She has always been the studious type and never into drugs but this guy whom she say she loves, is a familiar face at all the popular clubs. He goes out, get drunk, come home to his girl and get some. Yet, being the WOMAN that she is she takes care of him because she has hopes that one day he will man up and be a great husband and father to their kids. Just three months later come to find out shes been carrying his child and now he's bailing out. "Nah man that baby ain't mine you been out here fucking some other nigga because I always strap mine".  Now she's a crying single mother asking the government for a dime. The moral to this story is we have to do better us women have to pull it together. It is OUR fault that we chose dumb men, have sex, get pregnant, basically trapped by sin. Then the fathers bail out and we struggle to raise men, who do the same damn things all over again.  Will the African American community ever win?  We have come a long long way but that's just the beginning. We must find confidence in ourselves and pick up a book and a pen. Marry these women and raise better children so that we won't be the losers for the rest of our lives. I am starting with myself. I strive for the bigger prize. I want to lead by example and be a leader of our women give them guidance because women are the foundation. I'm starting with me. 


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